About Us

theLieLlama came to be from a casual conversation between Gunjan and Rajeev in early 2022. Both being procrastinators and clueless about podcasts, the idea germinated as they took one step forward and two steps back on how to start. Finally, after being ridiculed by their family members about the podcast, they decided to take the plunge and recorded the first episode in May 2023! The rest will be history untold, till they decide to tell it on this podcast.

Gunjan, who is known by her loved ones, as Himalayan hurricane claims to have seen all the colors of this world and those of the people in it! Her passion and dream, if she had enough money, is to open a school for kids with special needs. She has volunteered for many years in such roles, both in India and USA, as her life ping-pongs her across the pond.

She is a slave driver. In corporate parlance, a Project Manager. Thriving in a non-tech role in a hi-tech company, she is a force to reckon with. A dreamer and full of life, who refuses to let the life's situations bring her down!

Rajeev is the world-famous author whom the world refuses to discover! He specializes in writing books and blogs that no one reads. His claim to fame is that Gunjan is his first and the only fan. Following the typical Indian tradition, he became a techie and has been tarnished for life since. His friends would refuse to take him with them as he came to be known as babe-repellent with his geeky nature and, without warning, plunging into philosophical discourse that ruined everyone's evening. As a silent protest, he took up writing and photography as hobbies.

He continues to work in the hi-tech industry and currently lives in the tech-ghetto, a.k.a Silicon Valley.

Soundtrack: Clouds. Artist - Acreage